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We have partnered with Polonez Parcel Service to provide reliable and affordable parcel services to central and eastern Europe. Over last few decades, Polonez has been providing reliable and timely deliveries of parcels both via air and sea to doors within the following countries:

Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Hungary and Moldova.

We provide multiple levels of service to fit every budget and timeline.

Available Services Include: Please contact us for pricing.

Air Parcels - Normal Service (1-3 weeks*)
Air Parcels - Express Service (6-8 business days*)

Sea Parcels - Normal Service (up to 8 weeks*)
Sea Parcels - Express Service (4-6 weeks*)
Sea Parcels - Super Express Service

* Approximate delivery times to many central and eastern European destinations.



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We also assist in shipping motorcycles, cars, full containers (resettlement property, etc.) Call for details.

Air Parcels Sea Parcels Resettlement Property & Cars


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